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Baby Boomer Directory is guaranteed to be a true resource for Baby Boomers. Your listing will be evaluated as to its usability by Baby Boomers and may be eliminated from the Directory if deemed unworthy or inapropriate. In this case any payment subscription will be canceled and refund promptly made.

ADD LISTING PROCESS – Takes only 15 minutes (you can edit/change later)

1) Click on ‘Add My Listing’ in the Main Menu or on the ‘Add Listing’ button
2) Click on the Listing Package of your choice
– Free Packages have all of the features as the Pay Subscription Packages except will
be served for the listed number of days or months.
– Upgrade to a Pay Package can be done at any time.
Login to My Account > My Directory Listings > Edit > Upgrade Packages
3) Register your Account (If you have not done so already) – Select ‘Add Listing’ again
4) Step 1 – Create Listing
Title – Listing Title
Category – Choose up to 3 Category or Sub Categories
Search Description (Short Description) – appears on Category Listing Page
Main Description – appears on full listing page via ‘More Details’ buttom
– Full HTML Editor to make your text content to look good
Tags/Keywords – Search Engine Keywords
Contact Email – Your contact email address used for confirmations & contact
Website URL – Enter full website address (ex:
– Using this website address, the Directory will capture a thumbnail of webpage
[ Continue >
5) Step 2 – Confirm
Check over listing information – you can still change it later
Upload Attachments (bottom of page) – you upload your additional photos here (5)
– Your first selected image will override your default website photo (captured)
– Photos will auto resize. Add and Edit your images later in ‘My Account’ area.
6) Step 3 – Payment
Free 6 Month or 90 Day Listing – Congratulations! See you at the end of your Free Listing Period
Pay Listing – You will be sent to ‘PayPal’ Trusted Payment Gateway for payment
– No PayPal Account Required – MasterCard, VISA, AmericanExpress, Discover
– If you have a PayPal Account – Pay through your PayPal account or by check


Category Page Listing (Choice of 2 Listings)
• Featured/Recommended Listing – All listing features including Featured Display
Featured Listings are listed at the top of the Category Page.
• Deluxe Listing – All listing features except Featured Display

Featured/Recommended Listing                    Deluxe Listing

Both Features/Recommended Listings and Deluxe Listings include link buttons for:

More Details Page Listing: (
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Description (Full) Tab                  Commnts Tab                                 Contact Owner Tab

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